ETS 2 Studio

ETS 2 Studio
ETS2 Studio is a program with useful tools that can help you when making mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game. It includes a SCS Extractor and SCS/RGB Color Calculator.

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+ marks a feature that’s already available in the application
– marks a planned feature that will be available in one of the next versions
* marks (bug) fixes history

Please send all your comments, bug reports, ideas, critics, greets,
wishes, (etc…) to:

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–== C H A N G E L O G ==–

ETS2 Studio
+ Standalone Trailer Generator
+ SCS Extractor Graphical User Interface
+ TOBJ File Editor
+ Workshop Icon Generator
+ Truck Skin Generator
+ SCS<>RGB Color Calculator
+ Game variable editor
* Folder permissions properly set at install
* Cargo In/Out definitions fixed
* ADR Flag in cargo editor fixed
* Folder structure update
– Mod Merge Tool
– Road Look Generator
– Cargo Definition Generator
– (Any) Image to DDS converter tool
– Special Job Editor
– DDS file preview browser
– SCS mod file packer
– Standalone trailer DEF generator for own trailer models
– SCS mod file lock/unlock tool

Standalone Trailer Generator
+ Generates a standalone ETS2 Trailer complete with Cargo definitions
+ Create, edit, save and delete Cargo definitions
+ Option to include trailer into AI traffic
+ Option to edit trailer weight (mass)
+ Option to include own DDS skin (with preview)
+ Available base trailer: (SCS) Krone Profiliner
+ Available base trailer: (SCS) Krone Coolliner
+ Option to load PNG images for textures
+ Available base trailer: (SCS) Food Cistern
+ Available base trailer: (SCS) Fuel Cistern
+ Available base trailer: (SCS) Chemical Cistern
* Trailer internal name is now converted to lowercase at save
* Skin file loading code improved
* Trailer Template code improved
– Input verification/validation
– Error handling
– New base trailer: Schmitz Universal
– New base trailer: Container Trailers

SCS Extractor GUI
+ Windows graphical user interface for SCS’s extractor tool
– Possibility to specify extractor path in settings
– Error handling

TOBJ File Editor
+ Enables user to edit path in an existing TOBJ file
– Editing all other data from TOBJ files
– Possibility to create New (blank) Tobj files
– Error handling

Workshop Icon Generator
+ Select DDS icon graphic file
+ Test DDS graphic file size (default: 256×64)
+ Generates TOBJ file for icon
+ Generates MAT file for icon
+ Generates folder structure if option is selected
+ Added support for PNG image files.
– Insert string generation
– Proper error handling and testing

Truck Skin Generator
+ Support for all SCS trucks
+ Additional truck: 50keda Scania R 2008
+ Support for ‘Airbrush’ skins
+ Support for ‘Mask’ skins
+ Workshop icon – select own dds or use template
+ All properties (Unlock level, name, price…)
+ Masked skin color picker
+ Save/Load skin project
+ Option to load PNG images for textures
* Skin internal name is now converted to lowercase at save
* Skin treated as by default
* Skin and icon file loading code improved
* New Volvo 2012 support added
– Error handling
– Possibility to create defs for ‘any’ truck?

SCS<>RGB Color Calculator
+ Convert RGB color into SCS RGB color codes
+ Convert SCS RGB codes into regular RGB codes
+ Preview the selected color
+ Select a color from a pallete
+ Supports HEX collor strings
– Some more testing and error handling

Game variable editor
+ Editor for Economy values
+ Editor for Environment values
+ Editor for Police values
+ Editor for Bank values
+ Export as single or separate mod files
– Testing
– Error handling
– Input verification
– Save/Load project
– Reset to defaults
– Editor for Game values

For downloads and more info go to official website:

Mod: ETS 2 Studio

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