ETS2 1.19 Update Open Beta – The Hungary expansion

The Hungary expansion
Patch 1.19 is now available on Steam as Open Beta. With this update comes 2 new Hungarian cities and Mod Manager.

Szeged ETS2

Hungary expansion – 2 cities to the Going East content – Pécs and Szeged
Mod Manager – Organize your mods – enable/disable, sort and prioritize.

– Manual control for automatic transmission (shifting hints, switch between manual/auto)
– Controls for dashboard navigation map (zoom, turn off)
– Driver controlled trip info stored in truck computer (distance, consumption)
– Editor improvements (see Modding Info)
– Matching truck cabin interior looks shown in exterior view.
– Improved readability of dashboard info in some trucks (computer display, GPS map)
– Added wheel sounds on different surfaces (+ re-balanced sounds)
– Added sounds for sticks and buttons in truck cabin

Available for Steam users at the moment as BETA version.

Mod: ETS2 1.19 Update Open Beta – The Hungary expansion

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