ETS2 make your own skin

ETS2 make your own skin
Hello everyone. This is a basic tutorial on how to make a simple truck skin/paintjob for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

First, let’s see the pictures:

1. Use a template for a precise positioning of content:
ETS2 make your own skin - Using a template

2. Save your skin. You can save it in DDS in PNG format:
ETS2 make your own skin - Save your skin

3. Start ETS2 Studio and select truck model:
ETS2 make your own skin - Select truck model

4. Now insert the skin file:
ETS2 make your own skin - insert your skin file

5. Set properties for your skin mod (name, price, base color etc.):
ETS2 make your own skin - Set mod properties

6. Select skin mod store icon, custom or default:
ETS2 make your own skin - Set skin mod store icon

7. Export (save) your mod:
ETS2 make your own skin - Export your mod

8. Optional – set manifest files (for mod manager):
ETS2 make your own skin - Set manifest files

1. Use templates for a more precise and easier positioning of your graphics – Templates pack
2. After you are done drawing, save your skin either in .DDS or .PNG format. If you are using Photoshop, you also need the DDS Plugin installed. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can use free Paint.NET or Gimp.
3. For packing mods you can use the free ETS2 Studio software. It’s easy to use, here is video tutorial.
4. After selecting truck model, next select the skin file. If it’s a .PNG file, ETS2 Studio will auto-convert it to .DDS image format.
5. Set various properties for your mod such as:
skin name – skin name displayed in store
skin internal name – make it unique to avoid conflicts with other skins!
skin type – use Airbursh for a regular skin
skin price – store price
unclok level – required level for player to buy the skin
skin stock – make skin available as stock paintjob or not
base color – it’s good to match this it with your skin background. You may find this SCS color converter easier to use
suitable cabins – available or not for certain cabins.
6. Select skin mod store icon – use your own or default from ETS2 Studio (256x64px)
7. Now you can export you mod 🙂
8. [Optional] If you want, you can also set Manifest files, just open your mod file in ETS 2 Studio and set things accordingly.

Well, that’s about it. A basic tutorial on how to make you own simple ETS2 skin.
If you got any questions just use the comments section below.

Mod: ETS2 make your own skin

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Also, you can submit your skins to our website and it may be posted it here, on

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