How to unlock SCS file – Working unlocker – SCS DART tool

This is one option on how to unclok .SCS mod files in case you want to learn from other modders.

How to unlock SCS file


Damaged Archives Repair Tool

Since we got plenty of messages about this topic, we thought to share this little useful tool/info. It’s not new but it works and that’s a good thing.
We are talking about D.A.R.T which is short for Damaged Archives Repair Tool. This is a small piece of software that is able to unlock protected mods.

But why are some mods locked?
Well, some modders feel the need to protect their work and in many cases, we all can understand that. There are some very good modders out there and part of them believe it’s a good thing to lock mods so thieves won’t steal and take false credit. This may sound as a good plan but is not. First of all you can’t really stop the thieves, skilled ones will always find a way and break the lock. Second of all, new comers are blocked from learning. You too learned from others, why not let others learn from you?

Tricky subject since many modders actually believe they own total copyrights of a mod. Modding usually means editing other’s files/content/property. In many cases a modder makes edits of files from the game, game which is owned by SCS Software. I have seen modders claiming 100% copyrights on a “Scania truck mod”. Really? And how does Scania feel about that? lol

Making money from your mods
We all know about this one and it’s not great at all. Modders upload their mods to Sharemods and/or Uploadfiles then wait for the cents to come. They also scream something like this: “Respect my download link!” But where is your respect for the users? Sharemods, Uploadfiles, etc. are full of adds, adware and straight-up hijacking tools. Don’t ask for respect when you give none.
How much money modders makes? Cents. Does it worth it? Of course not, unless you are very popular like Jazzycat, people actually respect him resulting in many downloads.

Jazzycat dude…
Jazzycat is a very appreciated modder, he’s more like number 1 in ETS2 community. He too uses Sharemods/Uploadfiles to make a buck and you can’t blame him. His work is great no doubt.
But spamming users with crappy file hosters is not nice jazzy. Especially when you can make an English blog where you can use proper safe ads (Google Adsense, Infolinks, Yahoo Ads, etc) and place a big and nice donation buttons (Paypal, Webmoney, etc). Stop forcing people to install shitty adblockers that break websites and end up needing more resources that the browser itself.
Nowadays you can get your own domain for 0.88$ first year on Namecheap and cheap premium web hosting at Siteground. If you are smart enough to make mods, you should be fine at making a website blog.

And for the unlocking part
Well this is simple, just drag and drop the locked mod on DART’s window and then press Start Processing button. That’s it. The mod will be unlocked and a new copy generated in the same folder.

D.A.R.TDamaged Archives Repair Tool

Game does not provide any support for real encryption or obfuscation, but otherwise is very liberal when loading such mods. So the locking is done by intentionally damaging the archives to the point where they cannot be extracted or even opened by normal archiving tools, but the game is still able to load them. Such files, if they can be opened at all, are usually marked as encrypted/locked.

Download page

Mod: How to unlock SCS file – Working unlocker – SCS DART tool

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