My Company Trailer – Your own mod without modding skills

My Company Trailer
Easiest way yo make your own company trailer mod. Just the included instructions, it’s very easy to do.

My ETS2 Company Trailer Mod 1.27.x


1. Use the template and make yourself the skin
– The provided template comes in .PSD and .PNG formats, edit with your favorite image editor.

2. Convert it to .DDS file format
– You can do it with software like Photoshop or you can do it online using services such as
3. Now insert your skin into the trailer mod
– Trailer mod comes in 2 formats: .SCS and .ZIP – use only one of them, they’re practically the same, just have different extensions. In case you don’t know, ETS2 game also accepts mods in .ZIP format.
– You can open .SCS files using 7zip software.
– Open the trailer mod file and replace this file: from mycompany sub-directory.

4. Manifest files / Mod Manager
– This trailer has also manifest files included. There are 3 files:
manifest.sii – You can edit this file using Notepad++, change name of the mod and your name.
mod_description.txt – In this file you can insert additional info about your trailer.
mod_image.jpg – This is that preview image we see in Mod manager. Replace it with your own – 276x162px .JPG file format.
– You can also delete all 3 manifest files, they’re not mandatory.

5. The Cargoes
– This trailer is set to transport default 100 cargoes
– Some of the cargoes are for base map, some are for Scandinavia and some are for France DLC.
– If you don’t own, for example, Vive la France DLC you need to delete cargoes that contain dlc_fr in their name. Example: aircft_tires.
– The same goes for Scandinavia DLC, delete all cargoes that contain dlc_north in their name.
– To delete a cargo go to: yourtrailer.scs/def/cargo/ and there delete any cargo folder you want.
– You can delete multiple cargoes but you must have at least 1.

That’s about it. You should now have your own trailer mod without having any modding skills 🙂

If you got any questions, leave your comments down below.

– Trailer is standalone and also enabled for ai traffic.
– Has advanced coupling with brace animation.
– Also has lift-able axle.
– It uses the default SCS Krone Profi-liner model.
– Trailer also uses default (in-game) cargoes – check step 5 for more info.
– Compatible with any other mods and all DLC’s.
– It works on 1.27.x ETS2 version, no errors.

Useful links:

Mod: My Company Trailer – Your own mod without modding skills

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Download (6MB) mediafirepro
Download (6MB) mega

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